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This is a brief overview of the responsibilities, issues relating to country life, pet profiles, rules, and benefits of pet sitting my animals.


1.     Feed the dogs and cats.  Cats eat in the morning, noon, and if they drive you nuts.  Dogs eat snacks in the morning and canned and dry food at noon.  Then, they get snacks in the evening.  They tell you when they want them.  Dog food and snacks are on top of the refrigerator.  Cat food and snacks are in the “cat room.”

2.    Make sure water is available at all times.  There’s a bowl in the cat room, a couple in the living area, and some tubs outside that help the birds, too.  The ones outside are filled by a hose that turns on in the greenhouse.

3.    Pet the dogs and cats.  Talking to them is important, too.

4.    Count noses.  The cats are slow in rolling in mornings.  Calling   “kitty, kitty” might help but they usually ignore me.  Crazy is the worst.  He hides everywhere.  His favorite spot is behind the

shrubs in the front.  He’s a wanderer, though.

5.    Let the animals in and out.  I usually leave the front door open a bit so they can do their own thing and it saves a lot of hassle.

6.    I’ve never had a “poop” accident but once and awhile one throws up.  Paper towels and cleaner are in the kitchen.  Hope that doesn’t happen.  The litter box should be okay for brief trips so don’t worry about that.  It’s in the cat room.

7.    Not required, but if you’re in the mood, feel free to brush the dogs.  Lol

8.    Keep the dogs inside the fences.  I have a double protective fence so if you keep the gates closed, it shouldn’t be a problem.  If they get out, call Tony next door because one of my dogs hates one of his dogs.  Please retrieve the dogs.  Leashes are hanging near the refrigerator.  They usually return quickly when they realize the real world isn’t that great and it’s hot.

9.    Take the garbage out if necessary and pick-up the mail.  The mailbox is in front of the house next door.  Mine is the one labeled 2401.  If any packages arrive, bring them into the house, too.




1.     You can’t be afraid of bugs.  They are everywhere.  In the house, there is fly and wasp spray if they get in.  Please do not kill spiders and moths.  Just use a paper towel to pick them up and release them.  If you wander aroud the yard and fields, you make see snakes and salamanders.  Please just leave them alone.

2.    Drainage is an issue with a septic tank.  The only time it’s a problem is the shower (no bathtub).  Learn to take quick showers.

3.    There may be noise from the natural gas compressor down the hill.  It usually isn’t that bad but I have soundproofed drapes in the bedroom and other ways to conceal the noise.  I doubt if that will happen.

4.     It’s dark at night but I have outside lights at both doors.

5.    Call Tony or my son (Chris) if the cows get out but that rarely happens.

6.     I’m not the best housekeeper in the world.  It’s hard in the country.  I’m not a hoarder or anything, but you might see some dust here and there.  I’ll try to have it in as good of order as possible, though.

7.    If you have no car, you are kind of stuck but two great single, young party guys live next door and can help.  I hope to introduce you to them.  Tony is my son’s brother-in-law and my sweetie.  Dax is his roommate and eqaully cool.  My son will be by, too, and can help with any issues.  I will leave phone numbers.

8.    Wear Off Spray if you wander in the yard or fields much. Chiggers!  Feel free to walk and jog or whatever,




1.     Oscar the Rottweiler – looks scary but most everyone’s favorite especially men.  He will growl if other dogs get too close to his bone or if you step on him.  He has never snapped or bitten anyone.  He’s a good dog.  Likes to sleep next to the bed or in front of the couch which is inconvenient but that’s what he likes.

2.    Rachel the Swiss Mountain Dog – Also large but I think the prettiest.  She is so spoiled, though.  She barks a lot so yelling at her is acceptable.  She will tell you when it’s time to eat or have snacks.  She is maternal with the cats and likes to bath them.  She never hurts them but it’s a little weird and the cats look soaked when she’s done.  She like squeaky toys sometimes.  They are in a box in the living area.

3.    Fox (aka Killer) the Sheltie – She’s very friendly, loves attention, and is silly.  But, she will attack any dog smaller than her so don’t let her get loose.

4.    Dingo of Unknown Ancestry but the biggest dog (probably black lab, German Sheperd and other breeds all mixed up).  She’s the sweetest dog despite her size.  She rarely causes any problems.  Very friendly, quiet, and just a good dog.


1.     Gypsy the speckled old cat (over 20 years old) – She’s a sweetie.  She has a little limp and sneezes a lot from allergies which she will not take medicine for.  She wanders outside a little if the door is open.  She can jump on the bed or couch but you can help her.  Her favorite places are on the bed, in the cat room, or in the bedroom closet.

2.    Jake (the other three are young brothers) the long haired gray cat – He’s the most cuddly.  Wonderful cat.  He stays around the house most of the time.  He also likes the bed but may be anywhere.  Usually comes when called.

3.    Jazz – long haired black cat – also cuddly.  Likes the bed, too (I guess they all do).  He usually sticks around the house.  He likes the outside, too.  He likes the trees and roof.  Usually comes when called.

4.    Crazy – short haired black cat – less cuddly, very aloof, independent and a little different.  He’s the hardest to find.  I just got through calling him for an hour and he was under the shrubs all along.  Will not usually come when called.  He also wander around the neighborhood.  He’s funny.  Never know where he will be (on the bed, under pillows, under the bed (they all do that), etc.



1.     This is a Zen house so try to get in touch with nature and the good vibes.  Don’t fight country life.  Go with the flow.

2.    Don’t kill anything but flies, wasps, and ants.

3.    Don’t use the stove.  It’s for decorative purposes only.  You have a microwave, toaster oven and toaster only.

4.    Wash your dishes (no dishwasher, though).

5.    Can’t think of anything else.



1.     $100/day with no insurance but you are encouraged to join a

2.    Free food/drinks.

3.    Free transportation to and from my house.

4.    Two computers – desk top is satellite and laptop is aircard.  Laptop password is “martha.”

5.    Direct TV satellite – lots of stations.

6.    Lousy stereo unless you use the desktop computer with speakers under the t.v.  Have a boombox, too.

7.    Posterpedic Cloud mattress in master bedroom (King), small rollaway in other bedroom, and a camper that you may hang out or sleep in (Jim says it’s the best bed although I disagree).